Key Facts

Name of customer

Al Fao, Iraq

Start Date

Completion Date

Value of project
>$10 million

Life Support Facilities – EPC and O&M

In 2011 we completed the engineering, design, procurement and construction of this 450-man camp in challenging conditions. We faced heavy storms and rain but managed to execute 1.2m sub-base to protect the site from the water level in the Fao area. We effectively managed a diverse local and foreign workforce that reached 200 people comprising over 70% local Iraqis.

Our team undertook operation and maintenance of this best-in-class multinational and multicultural full life support facility for 30 months, in compliance with ISO and HACCP international oil and gas industry standards. We navigated through challenging geographical and operational conditions by implementing HSE & QMS procedures, team building, training and development. This resulted in several commendations from international and local clients including an award for significant contribution to the achievement of 2 million project man hours without LTI.