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Statement from Unaoil relating to allegations in the media

12 April 2016

Over the last weeks, a number of unfounded allegations have been made against Unaoil and its management causing serious harm to our business, our employees and our reputation. We take these extremely seriously, and we will defend ourselves vigorously.

We are shocked by how these allegations have, without any due process, so rapidly spread and have had such a detrimental impact on our projects and partners around the world. As a result of the allegations having been treated as fact by third parties we have faced threatening behaviour, refusal to meet contractual obligations and the potential mothballing of projects and downsizing. All of this has resulted in many of our local workforces potentially suffering serious financial hardship. 

Recent press articles have reported inaccurately upon the services which we offer our clients. We have two fundamental business lines, turn-key engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as well as maintenance, repair and operations work (MRO). 

Both business activities are focused on brown-field operations such as revamping, refurbishing and repairing existing infrastructure. For both activities to be effective for clients, Unaoil invests in local facilities and personnel to ensure that it has the necessary local knowledge and ‘boots on the ground’ to be able to complete projects which are critical to the continued production of oil and gas in these frontier markets.  

Over the last three decades, Unaoil has worked with its clients to deliver projects relating to oil and gas infrastructure in some of the poorest countries in the world. We take great pride in our track record of achievement which has been widely recognised by clients and competitors alike. 

We are committed to serve the communities where we work, investing in local communities, employing a local work force where possible, and providing not only employment but also training and education, fostering skills and learning that can be used time and again.

Unaoil has a strong sense of social responsibility to these communities and our children’s charity UnaKids is an extension of this commitment, helping single-parent children in war-torn countries. We have ridiculously been accused in recent press reports of “contributing to the Arab Spring” and profiting from political instability. On the contrary, we have played a significant role in rebuilding key infrastructure in countries after they have been riven by war or civil conflict.

We will be doing all we can to ensure that existing and ongoing activities of the company, its many employees, and business partners who we bear a moral responsibility to are not unduly disrupted by these allegations.