Faw School Plaque 220x120

UnaKids Charity School

2 February 2015

Unaoil is pleased to announce that construction of the UnaKids charity school in the Faw region of Iraq was recently completed. The school provides a modern, safe, and clean educational environment for over 1,200 young boys and girls. The school building includes 12 classrooms, 5 offices, a computer lab, a meeting room, 2 storage rooms and 4 restroom areas over 2 floors. The school opened on October 20, 2014 and is bustling with teachers working through 3 shifts to provide much-appreciated mentorship and guidance for the children of the local community.

About UnaKids: Registered in the Principality of Monaco and launched in the United Arab Emirates in 2010, UnaKids is a nonprofit organisation which benefits from the direct support of the Unaoil Group. Focusing primarily on children in war-torn areas, UnaKids also provides financial and humanitarian assistance where natural disasters have occurred or where there is a pressing need for educational support. Please visit the Unakids website at: